A collective album from Eptagon

a.va.lon is a new release from the Grenoble-based artist collective, Eptagon.
Conceived as a conceptual double album, it offers two labyrinthic journeys:
the first one leads the listener through sinuous and brutal soundscapes whereas the second heads into more ethereal and mystical domains.

This page gives an early press access to the release (scheduled for 5 March 2021), via direct streaming or a downloadable package.
We kindly ask you not to share the audio or information to other parties until the public release.

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Side A
9 tracks (48m32)
Death & progressive metal, grunge, post-rock

Side B
8 tracks (53m54)
Ambient, noise, electronic

About the release

How a.va.lon came to be

Eptagon has always been about experimentation and mixed artistic forms, within the musical realm and beyond. With a growing number of artists from all paths and a shared creative space at Le Ciel in Grenoble, the idea of a collective effort spanning across a wide spectrum of musical sensitivities and bringing together artists from various projects rapidly emerged.
Bands got to work on exclusive new material for the release, new “one-off” musical formations started spontaneously forming, recording sessions began… then 2020 sort of collapsed. Despite the situation, work continued with the constraints - but also the freedom - of long-distance collaboration, allowing to experiment further.

The result is a double album containing almost two hours of sound, structured into two distinct yet complementary aesthetics reflecting on the one hand Eptagon’s strong roots in extreme and uncompromising music and on the other our love for experimental and emergent forms.
All aspects, from music to the art and layout have been put together by members of the collective.

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Supporting our scene

Given the exceptional circumstances that the independent music scene has been living with for a year, we have decided to modestly help out where we can:
part of a.va.lon’s physical sales will go to help our friends at Metallian Store, one of the few remaining independent record stores showing undying support to metal music.

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All music by Eptagon members (see booklet for details).
Recording and mixing: James Leonard, Luc Messina & the bands themselves.
Mastered by Plastic Lobster Studios.
'How It Goes' recorded, mixed and mastered by Suntzu Records.
Artwork by Nicolas Gaillardon.
Layout by Luc Messina & Y.our h.umble N.arrator.

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About Eptagon

Eptagon is an artist collective founded in Grenoble (France) in 2016. It houses projects ranging from extreme metal bands to digital art.
The collective is now composed of over twenty musicians, videographers, visual artists, sound engineers and programmers who craft their creations and network within this framework, through new collaborations, exchanges and encounters.

Previous release: 2019 Sampler, May 2019

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"Sans crier gare et avec une éthique artistique palpable, le collectif Eptagon fait dans le tir groupé avec neuf plages de musique pour neuf groupes et autant de découvertes de qualité. C'est un vrai plaisir de voir que la scène locale se prend en main, propose autant de qualité dans des esthétiques aussi diverses et engagées."

Sur cette compilation d’un collectif très vivace de la région grenobloise rassemblant tout un tas de disciplines et de styles artistiques, on file du death metal vieille école [...] ou progressif [...] à l’ambient [...].
Que des longs morceaux très bien travaillés et dotés d’une production largement à la hauteur. Well done people !"

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